Pediatric Dentistry

At Pacific Dental Group, we strive to provide the highest quality of oral care to our younger patients. Our offices, located in North Hollywood and Monterey Park, offer pediatric dentistry that includes:

Child’ First Visit: A child’s first dental visit should take place six months after their first tooth erupts. Parents should take the time to discuss with their child the importance of having healthy teeth. We suggest parents schedule a friendly visit to the office, which allows the child to spend time familiarizing themselves with the environment and our staff.

Your child’s complete check-up consists of examining their teeth and gums for decay and other dental issues. The doctor or hygienist will clean their teeth and demonstrate to the parent and child the proper way to brush and floss.

Preventive treatments are important to ensure your child’s teeth remain healthy and strong. Tooth decay can risk your child’s oral health. We recommend regular professional teeth cleanings, oral exams,fluoride treatments and sealants as the best preventive measure for your child and their developing teeth.

Restorations recover the health of a tooth and puts strength back into their bite. Primary teeth are important to your child's tooth development because they are at the early stages of speaking and eating. There may come a time when they need a cavity repaired. Composite, or BPA-free fillings, correct this problem.

Emergency Dentistry: Children love to run and play. Unfortunately, they also fall and hurt themselves. Most dental emergencies consist of toothaches and knocked out teeth. In either case, it is important you contact the office.

Spacers: Your child's baby teeth are important. Baby teeth are responsible for holding the space for the adult teeth to emerge. When a tooth is lost too soon, we can fill that spot with a space maintainer to ensure we hold the space for a permanent tooth.

Call our Pacific Dental Group office at North Hollywood 818-356-4736 or our office located in Monterey Park at 323-725-6797 to schedule an appointment for your child.

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Our Happy Patients

"I am thrilled to have found such a great dentist in Los Angeles. Several people at my work use this dental practice and highly recommended it. When I relocated here a few months ago I knew that I would be needing a crown on one of my lower back teeth and I was putting it off because that part of the jaw is so sensitive. Dr. Garcia was amazing and had such a precise and gentle touch that I hardly notice I was getting a shot. I love the friendly staff and feel safe and welcome each time I visit. The free teeth whitening club is a great client goodwill gift and I'm proudly showing off my pearly white chompers!"

Lisa P. Lisa P.

"After looking for a new dentist. I settle for PDG as was greeted very nicely and the front receptionist was very sweet. The dentist & his asst. were very pleasant. I'll be staying for all my future dental visits and I can't wait to see how my new smile turns out. I really recommend this place to anybody who is a first time patients. Excellent service and reasonable prices, and cleans establishment, very professional but friendly as well."

Karen A. Karen A.

"It's weird to say I loved getting the screws put to my teeth, but as far as dentists go, these guys are some of the best I've ever been to. Friendly staff as well. I recommend going to them if you're in the area and looking for some dental health care goodness."

Josh P. Josh P.

"High Quality, Professional, Trustworthy. Going to the dentist usually makes people nervous, but the atmosphere here is so lighthearted and relaxing. You're definitely in good hands and won't have to worry about anything. Dr. Julius is very interactive, kind, and mindful of your comfort level at all times and it's so relieving to know that she knows what she's doing. My best dental experience by far :)"

Katherine H.

"Great Dentist, Great Staff. At 57 years-old, I've had several root canals, crowns, bridges, fillings, and extractions from many dentists, some who even advertise on radio. Having tooth-pain and not willing to wait 3 weeks for my regular dentist, I went to Dr. Julius in Monterey Park. I got an appointment the next day and two days later had major dental work on several of my teeth. (I just got home.) I had work done by Dr. Julius and 2 other dental specialists, also dealing with 2 other people of the excellent office staff there. Dentistry is both a preffession and a busines. Or is going to a restaurant only about the chef, and not the service? They didn't serve me food. They took care of my sh*t. Each and every one of them, all seeking the same outcome: to help me. Dr. Julius could advertise on radio, with higher prices. Maybe even on TV. I watched the finals of 'America's Got Talent' last night. Unfortunately, there were no dental offices on display. When it comes to dentistry and my teeth, I know talent. I watched the winners today."

David J.
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